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It does not matter if you are first or last in your class, or how much money your parents make because we reward you for what you know.

Scholarship Winners

To date, CKSF has awarded over $300,000, resulting in more than 700 scholarships to students. Scholarship awards are paid out quarterly and may be used at any post secondary school in the U.S.

Congratulations to the following Recent Scholarship Winners

Tips from Past Winners

"Read the scholarship's informational page before taking the quizzes, sometimes the quiz questions are posted in advance."

"Since you get 500 points for each correct answer and only lose one point for each second, better to quickly look up an answer online if you are not sure and get it right instead of guessing and losing 500 points."

"Keep at it. Your scores will improve. I participated in 14 scholarships before I finally won."

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