FTC Affiliate Policy

This website uses affiliate programs for monetization to help defray the costs associated with running this website and provide funding for scholarship awards. It means when you click on links and images and make a purchase or sign up or apply for services presented on this site, it may result in a commission that is credited to this site.

Some videos, such as the scholarship introductory and the congratulatory videos, are provided in exchange for funding. The organizations represented in the videos may not be directly associated with this website other than through a contractual agreement.

The purpose of this site is to help provide scholarly (educational) and scholarship (financial) opportunities as well as other information on a wide range of issues related with attending college. This website is not owned, operated or in any way associated with advertisers other than our affiliate relationship to recommend their product.

This website has links to other websites like student.ed.gov or fafsa.gov and other related and similar websites. Links to sites outside this domain are for information purposes only and may or may not contain affiliate codes.

You may also find links on this site to other affiliate programs and affiliations which may include but are not limited to Commission Junction, Amazon.com, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network and others.

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