How old do I have to be to participate?
To participate in the scholarship programs offered by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation you must be at least 14 years old. If you are under 14 years old, you may have a parent or guardian register and then compete under their account. You will need to notify us through the Contact Us link that you are competing under a parent's account.

Can my parents help me?
If you are under the age of 14, a parent may register with CKSF and allow you to participate in the scholarship quizzes. However, a parent or any other person may NOT help answer quiz questions while you are participating in a Common Knowledge Scholarship.

Can a parent compete on behalf of their child?
Yes, as a parent you can register with CKSF and compete to try and win scholarships for your children. However, you must select "Out of School" during registration. When you win, the award must be transferred to your child's CKSF account.

Can I register if I am not currently in high school or college?
Yes. If you have graduated from high school, but are not yet enrolled in college or started college and for some reason stopped and now want to go back, you may register and participate with CKSF. Simply register as a college student, and select the school that you are most likely to attend. You can always update your profile if you end up at a different school. If you are in middle school, please review answers below.

Can international students participate?
International students are eligible as long as they live and attend a school in the U.S.

How are the quiz scores determined?
You receive 500 points for every correct answer and lose one point for every second it takes you to answer the question. The timing for each question works in a cycle manner. The timer starts as soon as your browser loads the page from our server, and it stops when you click on submit, and then it repeats the process for the next question.

Take your time to answer and research a question if necessary (we want you to learn on the process). Since one question is worth 500 points, and only one point is deducted for each second it takes to answer it, then you could take up to 500 seconds (8 minutes, 20 seconds) to answer a particular question before losing all the points for that question. It is better to get it right and score a little bit less than 500, than getting a zero (0) for a wrong answer!

Am I at a disadvantage if my internet connection is slow?
CKSF has made an effort to account for different internet connections. As explained above, for each question the clock starts when the website is fully loaded and stops once you click the "submit" button.

What if I miss a quiz or want to retake a quiz?
At CKSF we get so many requests to retake quizzes and/or extend dates that there is no fair way to accommodate everyone. As a result, once scholarship dates are posted we become obligated to stick to them. CKSF cannot be responsible for technical issues that may affect the delivery of the scholarship content.

Is there a limit to how many quizzes I can take?
You may participate in as many quizzes as you want starting in high school and continuing through college and graduate school.

What is the dollar amount of the scholarships awarded?
CKSF scholarship awards typically range from $250 to $2,500. The maximum amount that any one person may win with CKSF is $5,000.

How do I claim my award?
Winners are contacted via email after the scholarship ends. After CKSF validates the winners, an electronic claim form appears inside the winner's account. The form must be competed in its entirety before the expiration date. College students have one year to claim their awards and high school students have one year from their high school graduation date. CKSF writes the check payable to the student's college or university for deposit into the student's account. Scholarship awards are processed and disbursed quarterly.

What is done with the student information collected during registration?
CKSF uses the information in your profile to determine your eligibility for specific scholarship quizzes. Those quizzes then automatically appear in your account.

As stated in the CKSF privacy policy, we do not sell, trade or give away student contact information. The information is held only to match students with scholarships and process scholarship awards.

CKSF does offer some special "Opt In" scholarships in which a student is clearly notified prior to clicking "I will Participate" that the sponsor is sponsoring the contest and requesting the contact information. At the "Opt In" screen we indicate who the sponsor is (generally a college or university). CKSF is very selective in the sponsors for whom we will offer an "Opt In" scholarship.

How can I close my CKSF account and be removed from the CKSF database?
When you are logged in to CKSF, you can delete your account by clicking on "Update Profile" and then "Delete Account" under "Account Information." You can also send an email to with "Please Remove" in the subject line.

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